A Thank You to Those Who Serve

Marx Layne Thank You VeteransAs an annual tradition on Veteran’s day, ceremonies and celebrations take place across the country recognizing and thanking Veterans and their families for their service and their sacrifices.  This weekend members of the Marx Layne team joined our nation in a show of admiration and respect for the brave and dedicated Veterans of the United States of America armed forces.

Fighting for freedom, protecting our nation and responding to disaster are only three of the many tasks within the job description of those who unselfishly serve in the military. Because of these courageous men and women, Americans are privileged with the rights to vote, voice their opinion and work to achieve the ‘American dream’.

We at Marx Layne are thankful to our nation’s Veterans for providing us the ability to come to work, raise our families and contribute to our communities. As we approach the holiday season and the new year we will continue to keep the Veterans and their families in our hearts.


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