There’s no place like home: Facebook wants to be your homepage

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

By MATT SCHULER, Digital Architect, Marx Layne

This past weekend when I logged into my Facebook account, I was greeted by a message asking me to change my homepage to www.facebook.com. I wasn’t the only one.

It turns out Facebook is trying to become the first place you go when you open your browser. The only change I’ve made in years was when I switched my browser from www.google.com to www.google.com/ig because I wanted to use the customized Google interface. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone to Google first.

Now, Facebook is trying to change that, but they’re just the latest in a series of companies who’ve been trying to get you to change your home page. As TechCrunch notes, “Being people’s homepage is good for branding, great for ‘stickiness’ and phenomenal for traffic.”

Facebook hasn’t made an announcement of any kind about the homepage replacement, and it appears to me that Facebook is testing out a variety of message and popup layouts. The message I received is different than the ones posted on TechCrunch and VentureBeat.

I’d presume that Facebook wants you to turn to your friends when you’re looking for information rather than to a search engine. People are already looking to their peers and the social graph they’ve created which is why it’s more important then ever to have a social media strategy for interacting with them.

What’s your homepage? Would you change it to Facebook if you were asked?