12 01, 2017

Marx Layne helps as China’s GAC Motors plots US automotive entry

While Volvo and Buick are already selling Chinese-built vehicles in the U.S., no Chinese automaker has yet managed to crack the U.S. market. To that end, we are extremely optimistic Guangzhou Automobile Group will change that. At the same time, Marx Layne's automotive team is very excited to play a continued role in its overall [...]

21 09, 2016

Are you ready when the media comes knocking?

By Alan Upchurch, Marx Layne Senior Vice President Today everyone is carrying a smartphone with a sophisticated camera.  Each one of us is a potential “citizen” journalist.  We are connected 24/7 and that means a reporter’s next great news tip could come from his neighbor’s teenage daughter rather than his best news source. The question [...]

10 06, 2016

Today’s Connected Car: Behind The Screen

By: Mike Szudarek Regardless of which global OEM or supplier is on top, Detroit will always remain the automotive capital of the world. With the second highest concentration of tech workers outside of Silicon Valley, and the ever increasingly innovative technology within automobiles, Detroit is quickly emerging as a contender for the technological capital as [...]

15 04, 2016

Gardner-White to Celebrate Re-Opening Of Taylor Store

  Gardner-White Furniture, a southeast Michigan-owned and operated furniture retailer known for its quality, value and service, will celebrate the grand re-launch of its Taylor store (7680 Telegraph Road) with a ribbon cutting and reception beginning at 4 p.m. Thurs., Apr. 21. This celebration follows the completion of more than $500,000 in renovations to the [...]

15 02, 2016

Family of lead-poisoned Flint girl, 2, files suit

by Katrease Stafford, Detroit Free Press Flint resident Luke Waid had a gut feeling something was wrong when his 2-year-old daughter recently went from being a bubbly, energetic child to anxious and constantly irritable. Waid's worst fears were confirmed when his daughter's blood test results showed the toddler suffering from lead poisoning after ingesting Flint's contaminated water. "She's constantly irritable," Waid [...]

14 01, 2016

Vacant Mexicantown buildings part of larger area redevelopment plan

Southwest Housing Solutions' Vista Partnership is taking steps to redevelop vacant buildings along a 20-block stretch of Mexicantown as part of a larger redevelopment plan. The Detroit-based nonprofit's Vista Partnership seeks to engage local residents, organizations, public-sector partners and businesses to revitalize a southwest Detroit neighborhood with economic opportunity and social equity. It is funded [...]

4 01, 2016

Revelers must know ‘celebratory’ gunfire can be deadly

Monday, December 28, 2015 Ending 'celebratory' gunfire By Alexis Price Detroit Police Chief James Craig says the public understands gunfire isn’t the way to celebrate.(Photo: David Coates / The Detroit News) The horrifying sounds of gunshots on New Year’s Eve have been far too familiar for residents in the city of Detroit. However, [...]

9 09, 2015

Media Training at Marx Layne

When asked what media training is, most people will say it’s for people who give a lot of media interviews. While correct, the more complete answer is that media training can help expand many communications skills. In the following video, Senior Vice President Al Upchurch talks about the value of media training for media interviews [...]

19 01, 2015

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 50 years Later

By Michael Layne By most standards I am a product of privilege. I grew up in a solid middle-class family headed by a stable father and mother and attended quality public schools in the 1950s and 1960s. I never went a day hungry or cold, and from my early teenage years was always able to [...]

16 05, 2012

In Defense of Facebook Advertising

Jennifer L. Cherry Patrick Sullivan From the Wall Street Journal to WWJ-AM in Detroit, the entire world knows that GM doesn’t think Facebook advertising is worthwhile. And, for GM’s needs, the company’s strategy is correct. However, it’s important to note that for millions of other small-to mid-sized companies Facebook advertising is a tool that can [...]