Crisis Communications

Many agencies claim to provide crisis communications, but few can approach the high level of public relations counsel and experience found at Marx Layne & Company.

Marx Layne professionals have years of experience with issues management. We are frequently retained by leading law firms to help guide their clients through the media frenzy that often erupts during a company’s most trying times.

Critical issues including industrial accidents, death on the premises, food-borne illnesses and environmental pollution, boycotts, strikes and corporate fraud have all been expertly handled.

During crisis events, Marx Layne public relations counselors are on-call 24/7/365. Crisis communications team members are experienced in working with legal advisors, police departments, municipalities and hazmat teams, while keeping company executives apprised at all times of the crisis situation as it unfolds.

We also train company spokespersons in the development of key speaking points and delivery of messaging. Using the latest media technology, we respond rapidly, whether the crisis occurs in Detroit or in any other major metropolitan area throughout the nation.

Like a community with an outstanding emergency response system, a company with an established crisis management plan always fares better during a crisis. That is why it is crucial to have a complete communications plan in place before, during, and after a potential crisis

Marx Layne & Company: Response to Tesla Stocks and Crisis Communication
Tesla Motors’ stock soared to record numbers this week after surviving a media communication crisis. Marx Layne’s Senior Vice President Al Upchurch offers insight on how strategic steps companies can take to handle a communication crisis. Marx Layne utilizes more than 25 years of experience to council companies when faced with similar communication crises.


Five Tips on Effective Crisis Communications

Al Upchurch, Senior Vice President of Marx Layne & Company shares five tips designed to help an organization effectively communicate in the event of a crisis. Upchurch has 24 years of experience as a television news producer and manager, and 10 years of experience working on media relations and crisis communication initiatives for a variety of organizations.