Gourmet street food with M Cantina

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Fox 2 Detroit | Published February, 08 2019

– If you’re looking for a way to beat the cold with food, check out M Cantina in Dearborn.

Executive Chef Junior Merino joined us in studio to cook up some spicy gourmet street food.

You can watch as he prepares tlayuda, or a Mexican pizza, in the video player above, or get his recipe below.


8-inch flour tortilla
½ cup mole sauce
1 cup of queso Chihuahua or can substitute with quesadilla cheese
½ crispy onions (deep fried green onions until crispy and salt to taste)
¾ to 1 cup of favorite toppings such as steak, shrimp or shredded chicken
2 oz. Crema Mexicana


Set your broiler on the stove to high while you prep this. Spread mole on the tortilla on a cookie sheet or sheet pan. Add the cheese and evenly distribute. Put under broiler until cheese melts then add toppings. Finish with crema Mexicana and chopped herbs.

This video was originally arranged for Fox 2 Detroit and can be found hereFor more information about how Marx Layne & Company can elevate your brand, please visit our expertise page here.


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