Managing Marketing Content For Your Organization

We are inspired and educated by cultural exhibits such as an art gallery because a curator has critically edited and arranged the works for meaningful impact. Without the efforts of a curator, we’d simply be overwhelmed by a chaotic overload of information.

This is the same when it comes to online content and the scores of articles, photos, videos, and numerous other marketing messages an organization generates daily.

When it comes to marketing communications, creating persuasive and impactful content is only half the battle. Without professional management, an organization’s online marketing is destined to be overlooked, rebuffed and lost in the clutter.

Marx Layne & Company helps its clients create, organize and share content so it’s useful, accessible and easy to share. Today our clients rely on us to perform the role of “curator” and ensure that content is not only impactful, but actually seen and read by targeted audiences.

The following are a just a handful of examples of how we work to further amplify our clients’ online messaging:

  • Optimizing headlines and titles so they are relevant for a particular audience and bridge back to a website
  • Adding powerful images and other visuals that complement and reinforce content
  • Excerpting selected text so readers can quickly and easily grasp the most important elements
  • Tagging all content with relevant words and phrases so it is easily found and picked up in search engines
  • Supplying links to expand the scope of the content and give access to added resources about the subject, as well as getting the reader to visit our client’s website
  • Personalizing each piece of content for a relevant audience when posting to social sites (as opposed to simply cut-and-pasting boilerplate copy)
  • Filtering content vigorously and using sound judgment on what might not be appropriate to publish; always working to protect our clients’ reputation and brand
  • Setting up searches, filters and feeds to get a constant flow of relevant information that support the content we generate

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