Manufacturing needs a rebrand


President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, Jay Timmons,
and CEO and Chairman of Copper Standard, Jeffrey S. Edwards, opinion piece on the
importance of manufacturing to the nation’s economy.

February 23, 2017

By Jay Timmons and Jeffrey S. Edwards, The Detroit News

From industrial robots, virtual reality and nanotechnology materials to handcrafted bicycles and precision watched, Detroit is finding new ways to make both cutting-edge and traditional products.

Photo credit: Max Ortiz / The Detroit News


According to recent research by the National Association of Manufacturers, one of America’s oldest and most important industries — manufacturing, the lifeblood of Detroit — is in need of a rebrand. Parents do not see upward mobility and a bright future in manufacturing for their children. Part of the answer to changing these attitudes is taking a closer look at the present state of modern manufacturing, including how Detroit is leading the way in transforming our industry.

Since 2010, the industrial workforce here has expanded more than 30 percent. There are now roughly 240,000 manufacturing jobs in the greater Detroit area. Fueled by this growth, communities are rebuilding, and Detroit is setting the example for a more sustainable and promising urban future and is leading the world in innovation.

Riding eight years of growth, the automotive sector has enjoyed three consecutive years of record sales with more growth forecast. Automakers are investing in America.

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