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  • Autoline Detroit host John McElroy at the NERVTeh simulator at NAIAS
  • NERVTeh's simulator provides emergency response data for autonomous vehicle technology.

NERVTeh’s Pioneering Autonomous AI On Display At NAIAS

January 16th, 2018|0 Comments

  • Sign from the Michigan Auto Summit at the College for Creative Studies hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber and MichAUTO.
  • Musa Tariq and Ted Stevens discuss branding and innovation at the Michigan Auto Summit
  • A conversation on attracting younger workers to the auto industry.

Summit Drives Conversation On Auto Industry’s Connected Future

December 7th, 2017|0 Comments

A Busy Summer Season of Special Events

September 21st, 2017|0 Comments

  • Marx Layne Grand Rapids office

Marx Layne & Company Opens Branch Office in Grand Rapids

August 30th, 2017|0 Comments

There’s a World of Risk for Restaurateurs:

August 22nd, 2017|0 Comments

  • Not Your Father's News Media

Not Your Father’s News Media

June 27th, 2017|0 Comments

  • Brand Managers

Employees Are Your Front-Line Brand Ambassadors

June 12th, 2017|0 Comments

  • La Z 1310

Metro Detroit’s Changing Hispanic Media Landscape

June 12th, 2017|0 Comments

  • Celebrating 30 Years with 30 Acts of Kindness

Marx Layne Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with 30 Acts of Kindness

June 6th, 2017|0 Comments

Things go can viral at warp speed in today’s connected world

May 9th, 2017|0 Comments

Video Work: Jim Thrower from McDonald’s

April 26th, 2017|0 Comments

President Trump Calls For Fresh Look At Federal Auto Emissions Rules

March 16th, 2017|0 Comments

Five PR Tips To Position Your Brand In The News Media

March 8th, 2017|0 Comments

Senior Living Facilities And The Media

October 25th, 2016|0 Comments

McDonald’s PR coffee campaign brews excitement.

October 18th, 2016|0 Comments


October 17th, 2016|0 Comments

Five Tips for Effective Crisis Communication

October 17th, 2016|1 Comment

  • Autonomous vehicles are coming


October 17th, 2016|0 Comments

  • What are your strategies for when a media storm hits?

Three Immediate Steps When A Public Relations Crisis Hits

October 17th, 2016|0 Comments

  • What are your SEO strategies?


October 17th, 2016|0 Comments

Core Values Must Guide Corporate Public Relations Strategies

September 28th, 2016|0 Comments

Are you ready when the media comes knocking?

September 21st, 2016|0 Comments

New Federal Guidelines: Government Is Encouraging Development of Autonomous Vehicles

September 20th, 2016|0 Comments

Auto Industry Observations with Peter De Lorenzo

September 16th, 2016|0 Comments

Auto Industry Observations with Peter De Lorenzo

July 29th, 2016|0 Comments

Today’s Connected Car: Behind The Screen

June 10th, 2016|0 Comments

NNG at TU-Detroit 2016

June 10th, 2016|0 Comments

Challenges of Consumer Acceptance for Autonomous Vehicles

May 26th, 2016|0 Comments

IP in the Auto Industry: Delivering and Assessing Messaging

May 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

Should Your Business Be on the Live Streaming Bandwagon?

April 14th, 2016|0 Comments

Five Ways Twitter and Facebook Have Changed Politics

April 13th, 2016|0 Comments

The Death of Print Newspapers? Not So Fast

April 13th, 2016|0 Comments

Five Rules You Should Always Adhere to When Working with a Reporter

April 13th, 2016|0 Comments

Chipotle Serves Up Tasteful Consumer Messages in “Food Crisis”

March 8th, 2016|0 Comments

Sportsmanlike Conduct with the Media

February 8th, 2016|0 Comments

Perception Is Everything

February 4th, 2016|0 Comments

Flint Water, a Lesson in Crisis 101

February 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

Crisis Communication: Flint Water

January 19th, 2016|0 Comments

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Giving from the Heart

January 19th, 2016|0 Comments

Don’t Neglect Boomers Online

November 17th, 2015|0 Comments

Reputation insurance: Are you covered?

November 17th, 2015|0 Comments

What Makes a Viral Video?

November 17th, 2015|0 Comments

Trends on the Horizon

November 16th, 2015|0 Comments

Online’s Dirty Little Secret: Driving Traffic To Social Pages

November 16th, 2015|0 Comments

How will the media portray your athletes?

October 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

Media Training at Marx Layne

September 9th, 2015|0 Comments

When it comes to messaging, one size doesn’t fit all

September 2nd, 2015|0 Comments

A Victory for LGBT Rights; A Celebration for All of Society

August 24th, 2015|0 Comments

How will autonomous fleets change truck driving?

August 6th, 2015|0 Comments

5 Social Media Tips for Business Professionals

August 5th, 2015|0 Comments

Why your SEO strategy should start with media relations

August 5th, 2015|0 Comments

In the Age of the Liquid Web, Content is King

August 5th, 2015|0 Comments

PR Gameplan for Mergers and Acquisitions

August 5th, 2015|0 Comments

2015 State of Media

August 5th, 2015|0 Comments

Developing Effective Key Messages

May 5th, 2015|0 Comments

Managing Marketing Content For Your Organization

May 5th, 2015|0 Comments

Tips On Preparing For An Online Crisis

May 5th, 2015|0 Comments

The Cult of News Anchors as Beauty King and Queen

February 13th, 2015|0 Comments

Navigating the confusing world of social media

January 27th, 2015|0 Comments

Congratulations! PR Wins the Battle Over Social Media Management

January 9th, 2015|0 Comments

A New Year, a New Detroit

December 23rd, 2014|0 Comments

Be careful what you wish for: The curse of going viral

November 5th, 2014|0 Comments

“Mums” the word? Key Messages and Your Audience

October 30th, 2014|0 Comments


October 7th, 2014|0 Comments

Social media in a disaster

September 16th, 2014|0 Comments

Social media – for good or evil

September 3rd, 2014|0 Comments

Eight Tips for Using Social Media for Business

April 9th, 2014|0 Comments

  • Marx Layne Crisis Communication

Five Tips for Effective Crisis Communication

March 25th, 2014|0 Comments

  • Marx Layne Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors: When A Crisis Requires Going on the Offensive

May 14th, 2013|0 Comments

  • Marx Layne Thank You Veterans

A Thank You to Those Who Serve

November 12th, 2012|0 Comments

  • Marx Layne Facebook Advertising

In Defense of Facebook Advertising

May 16th, 2012|0 Comments

Employees Save $1,000 for Simply Passing a Health Screening

July 26th, 2011|0 Comments

  • Marx Layne Healthy Diet

Healthy Choices at Work; Join Us on Our Wellness Journey

June 22nd, 2011|0 Comments

We don’t need a time machine to drive the conversation

June 3rd, 2011|0 Comments

We don’t need a time machine to bridge the digital divide

June 2nd, 2011|2 Comments

We don’t need a time machine to live in the clouds

June 1st, 2011|3 Comments

We don’t need a time machine… to tell the future

May 31st, 2011|0 Comments

We don’t need a time machine… to know where we’re going

May 27th, 2011|0 Comments

We don’t need a time machine… to stay relevant.

May 26th, 2011|0 Comments

We don’t need a time machine… to predict the weather

May 25th, 2011|0 Comments

Back to the Future Midwest – We don’t need a time machine

May 25th, 2011|5 Comments

White House channels massive audience through social media engagement

May 5th, 2011|0 Comments

Social Media Adds Quality Because It’s Personal

April 13th, 2011|0 Comments

The ups and downs of social networks and where it stands now

April 12th, 2011|0 Comments

Outsourcing Your Social Media Efforts Can Be Beneficial

April 11th, 2011|0 Comments

Creating Value In Social Connections

March 30th, 2011|0 Comments

Detroit Lives­, Detroit Thrives

March 4th, 2011|0 Comments

Google CEO: Mobile search ‘is the future’, ‘everybody will adapt’

March 3rd, 2011|0 Comments

Offering a Helping Hand

February 25th, 2011|0 Comments

Digital Integration

February 21st, 2011|0 Comments

Social Media Matters

February 21st, 2011|0 Comments

Making Websites a Grand First Impression

February 21st, 2011|0 Comments

Getting the Most from Media Training

February 21st, 2011|0 Comments

Content is King

February 21st, 2011|0 Comments

Special Events Need Special Attention

February 21st, 2011|0 Comments

Joining the Marx Layne Team

February 21st, 2011|0 Comments

If blogging is dead, then it’s living a healthy afterlife

February 21st, 2011|0 Comments

Making Search Social – Google adds more social elements to its results

February 17th, 2011|0 Comments

Imported From Detroit grabs attention from ‘Super’ audience

February 7th, 2011|0 Comments

You shall not pass: Is it time for Twitter to boost its character limit?

January 28th, 2011|0 Comments

Do you know who I know? Twitter Adds Connections

January 27th, 2011|0 Comments

One number to rule them all: Google Voice unveils number porting

January 25th, 2011|0 Comments

Perseverance still prevails

January 17th, 2011|0 Comments

A day of gratitude and reflection

January 17th, 2011|0 Comments

Security in the age of constant contact and location-based marketing

January 14th, 2011|0 Comments

Make your mentions count: Tweeting right on Twitter

January 7th, 2011|0 Comments

Friend, following or fan? Twitter tools lets you track tweeps

January 4th, 2011|0 Comments

Looking For Users, Google Is Giving Away Chrome OS Notebooks

December 7th, 2010|0 Comments

  • Holocaust Memorial Center Farmington Hills

Study: Americans fear Holocaust could happen again as memories fade

April 13th, 2018|0 Comments

  • Grace Centers of Hope

Makeovers help raise spirits of formerly homeless, addicted women

April 13th, 2018|0 Comments