22 08, 2017

There’s a World of Risk for Restaurateurs:


How to Respond in a Communications Crisis A restaurant can be one of the most stressful, backbreaking and, yet, exhilarating businesses to own or operate.  A successful restaurant takes a willingness to work long hours, train quality staff, astute marketing, and attention to detail for everything from ordering supplies to plating the meal.  Most of [...]

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26 07, 2017

Community Stakeholders: An Integral Part In Every Crisis Communications Plan


Businesses are often faced with protracted public relations and crisis communication challenges that take careful planning, multifaceted outreach and stamina to resolve.  Marx Layne & Co. is a leading Detroit, Michigan-based crisis communications firm specializing in the critical components of crisis management.  This includes effective communication with key stakeholders. Marx Layne & Co. has counseled [...]

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9 05, 2017

Things go can viral at warp speed in today’s connected world


Recent events at Airlines remind us that Employees are your Front-Line Brand Ambassadors By Michael Layne, President, Marx Layne & Co. Take confined spaces; a high-maintenance customer or a solo parent with children; and an employee with an attitude problem, even if for just one day. Recent, highly publicized episodes in Delta Airlines and United Airlines passenger cabins demonstrate how volatile that combination can [...]

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25 10, 2016

Senior Living Facilities And The Media


Without question, the senior care industry in America remains under intense scrutiny from government agencies, residents, families of residents, the general public and the media. And, no matter how well a facility is operated, unfortunate situations such as theft, elopements, facility issues (heat, water, a fire, evacuation, etc.), injuries or even death can still occur [...]

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28 09, 2016

Core Values Must Guide Corporate Public Relations Strategies


In recent months, we have witnessed disappointing, even fraudulent, actions by major entities in several core American industries. At issue were transgressions that included misrepresentation of product performance to consumers and deception in product testing with regulators. Serious stuff. In each case, there seemed to be a painful disconnect between what these companies stood for—as [...]

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8 03, 2016

Chipotle Serves Up Tasteful Consumer Messages in “Food Crisis”


by Michael Layne, President, Marx Layne & Company A complex journey of farming, fishing and raising of livestock; processing and distribution networks; and the human “touch” brings a rich bounty and variety of food to American tables, whether in our homes, a college or hospital cafeteria, or at one of our 1 million restaurants. These restaurants, [...]

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9 09, 2015

Media Training at Marx Layne


When asked what media training is, most people will say it’s for people who give a lot of media interviews. While correct, the more complete answer is that media training can help expand many communications skills. In the following video, Senior Vice President Al Upchurch talks about the value of media training for media interviews [...]

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5 08, 2015

PR Gameplan for Mergers and Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions are critical events in the life of a company. They impact key executives and staff, the community and existing and prospective business alliances. They also affect future profitability and the company’s reputation. An effective public relations and communications strategy goes a long way toward helping an organization control the message, shut down [...]

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5 05, 2015

Developing Effective Key Messages


Concise, clear messages that encourage action are essential to any media strategy, online content, or personal interaction. They allow you to develop effective press material and online content, focus your media interviews, and be consistent with reporters and other key stakeholders. According to Al Upchurch, Marx Layne’s media training director, a strong set of messages [...]

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