23 08, 2019

Need better news coverage? Get to know reporters


The news media has come under relentless attack lately, particularly by President Trump. Veteran reporters are accustomed to antagonistic relationships with government leaders and other high profile, influential people. Good reporters dig beneath the surface of a story. They sometimes discover things powerful people don’t want the public to know. Whether the public sees it [...]

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27 06, 2017

Not Your Father’s News Media


Clearly, the Internet has had immense impact on all aspects of life including journalism and the news media. It has been a painful and complex transition for print, broadcast and online media to adapt to the Internet and online outlets like social media. In their fight to stay relevant to consumers and to remain financially [...]

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12 06, 2017

Employees Are Your Front-Line Brand Ambassadors


Things go can viral at warp speed in today’s connected world. Mix high-maintenance customers or a frustrated solo parent with children with an employee who has an attitude problem in a confined space, and the result unfortunately, can be distressing for everyone involved. Recent, highly publicized episodes in American Airlines and United Airlines passenger cabins [...]

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12 06, 2017

Metro Detroit’s Changing Hispanic Media Landscape


At Marx Layne & Company, we know the importance of understanding your target audience to most concisely and effectively deliver your message. If your marketing campaign seeks to reach Michigan’s vibrant Hispanic market, it is wise to have a strong insight about the many news outlets—from community newspapers and online channels to radio stations and [...]

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6 06, 2017

Marx Layne Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with 30 Acts of Kindness


Taking its cues from founding partners Michael Layne and the late Fred Marx, the history of Marx Layne & Company is a 30-year love affair with the greater Detroit region, its people, its businesses and commerce, and the many outstanding organizations devoted to a more secure — and joyous — life for all of us. [...]

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2 03, 2016

Planning for healthcare in retirement


  Mark Gruba sits down with Susan Acker from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management to talk about planning for healthcare in retirement. There are many factors changing how to plan for health and financial wellness later in life. People are worried about what happens if they live a long time, how they plan for what comes next, and when [...]

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21 02, 2011

Digital Integration


Technology has changed the way public relations agencies do business.  Long gone is the time when agencies would disseminate a press release to radio, television and newspapers, place a follow-up call and seek to position clients for interviews. The end result was a one-way conversation. Digital marketing now requires an entirely new way of doing [...]

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21 02, 2011

Social Media Matters


As social media continues to grow in importance, and two-way conversation and dialogue strategies advance, the role of our public relations agency continues to expand. There has been a lot of debate and conversation as to who is most capable to lead a social media strategy.  At Marx Layne, we believe that public relations agencies [...]

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21 02, 2011

Making Websites a Grand First Impression


During the past year, Marx Layne wrote, designed and programmed numerous websites for clients across several industry sectors, from upscale restaurants to a national leader in skilled nursing and rehab facilities. Several clients who already had a Web presence have retained our agency to analyze the appearance of their website, provide a detailed analysis of [...]

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21 02, 2011

Getting the Most from Media Training


What was once called the “24/7/365 news cycle” is evolving into the “1440/24/7/365 news cycle.”  There are 1440 minutes in every day and news is breaking every minute.  An incident at your business can appear for worldwide scrutiny even before it hits the local and national media.  Being able to confidently and skillfully monitor and [...]

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