Newly-formed Detroit Hispanic Media to share news
and editorial coverage as well as strategies and initiatives to inform and support Hispanics who are living in southeast Michigan

From left to right: Elias Gutierrez, editor and publisher of Latino Press, Jose Luis Vazquez, owner of La Explosiva 1480 AM, Maria Hayes, editor and publisher of Nuestro Detroit, and Pedro Zamora, owner of LaZ 1310 AM.

DETROIT – September 14, 2017 – Four prominent Hispanic media outlets in southeast Michigan today announced the first-of-its-kind media partnership to address a variety of issues and concerns affecting the local Hispanic community. The newly-formed Detroit Hispanic Media group will share news, editorial content and community resources among its four participating news outlets that include the Latino Press, La Explosiva WSDS 1480 AM, Nuestro Detroit, and LaZ 1310 AM.

“The best tool that we have as media outlets is access to information and the ability to reach a far and wide audience, which is why we formed our partnership, “said Maria Hayes, editor and publisher of Nuestro Detroit. “We are pooling our resources to make a positive difference in our community and beyond.”

Under this agreement, Detroit Hispanic Media will collectively reach approximately 280,000 Hispanic residents who are living in southeast Michigan through the group’s combined print circulation, online readership, radio listenership, social media channels, special events and brand activations.

“Our community is much stronger when we work together,” said Pedro Zamora, owner of LaZ 1310 AM. “It’s simply the right time to put competition aside to better help those who still believe in and are actively searching for the American Dream.”

The media group will focus on key issues important to area Hispanics such as immigration, health and wellness, education, business development, among other topics. It also will highlight vital resources and programs with local nonprofit agencies, civil rights groups, government entities and other similar organizations to help create a strong and vibrant Hispanic community.

“We want to address issues that have lasting negative effects on the quality of life for area Hispanics,” said Elias Gutierrez, editor and publisher of Latino Press. “At a time when our country is experiencing a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment resulting in tremendous anxiety and fear within immigrant communities nationwide, we must all do our part.”

Gutierrez served as the inspiration behind the formation of Detroit Hispanic Media, having reached out to all of his local Hispanic news competitors with the primary goal of better serving their collective stakeholders.

In addition to the news, editorial content and community resources, all four participating outlets will share high resolution images, video content, sound bytes, and other related assets to help create a united front for local Hispanics.

“The unfortunately reality is our community isn’t the only community negatively affected by these types of issues,” said Jose Luis Vazquez, owner of La Explosiva 1480 AM. “It’s time to create more bridges across diverse communities, helping one another reach goals and achieve dreams along the way.”

About LaZ 1310 AM

LaZ 1310 AM became Detroit’s first full signal Hispanic radio station airing 24 hours of local and syndicated Spanish language programming, including a morning show with nationally recognized talent. The Regional Mexican format is a mixture of various genres of music, including Norteño, Banda, Grupero, Corridos and Ranchera. For more information, visit

About Latino Press
Based in Detroit, Michigan, Latino Press 
is the largest and most popular Hispanic publications company in southeast Michigan. For more than 24 years, it has been recognized as “the leader voice in the community” for its experience and services. It offers a wide range of publications to better serve the Hispanic community as well as the non-Hispanic community, establishing a bridge between the two.  For more information, visit

About La Explosiva WSDS 1480 AM

For more than 16 years, “La Explosiva” has been the voice of the Hispanic community in the Detroit metro and surrounding areas. The station plays all Spanish music Super Hits – songs that have withstood the test of time. This wide selection of Super Hits features: regional Mexican; ballads and pop in Spanish; Spanish rock; salsa, merengue; bachata; reggaeton; and urban Spanish music. The radio station also is the only Spanish radio station to broadcast live news from Mexico each hour. WSDS 1480 AM “La Explosiva” is dedicated to the Hispanic community through grass roots marketing efforts, which include health fairs, public affairs programs, public service announcements, festivals and other events of interest to Detroit and the metro area Hispanic community. For more information, visit

About Nuestro Detroit

For the more than 10 years, Nuestro Detroit has become the preferred publication in the Hispanic community providing access to local, national and international news as well as interest sections on health, women, technology and entertainment. Its weekly publication reaches 23 area communities in Wayne, Oakland and Washtenaw Counties. For more information, visit



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