Technology has changed the way public relations agencies do business.  Long gone is the time when agencies would disseminate a press release to radio, television and newspapers, place a follow-up call and seek to position clients for interviews. The end result was a one-way conversation.

Digital marketing now requires an entirely new way of doing business—blending interactive thinking and digital integration.

At Marx Layne, we have a thorough understanding of digital media and the two-way dialogue it demands.  We implement interactive thinking for our clients by working digital capabilities across all marketing campaigns every step of the way.  Our social media, digital marketing and communication team embodies an interactive mindset to meet the needs of daily success in social networking.

For example, in the past, where we may have written, designed and published a brochure for a client, we now find ourselves creating video content, designing a website and creating a social media campaign that enables us to engage our clients’ stakeholders in dialogue.

Marx Layne has made a full commitment to Digital Innovation by hiring digital thinkers and people with expertise in digital capabilities.  We’ve made investments in both people with technology backgrounds, as well as the hardware and software to get the job done.  There’s an agency-wide commitment to education and knowledge sharing.  Hiring interactive leadership, starting with the agency’s Digital Architect, Matt Schuler, has allowed Marx Layne to further educate both our account team and our clients.

Our strategists are among the early adopters of social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  They keep vigilant watch over the changing trends in social media by monitoring websites like Mashable and TechMeme for significant impact.

Establishing a social media strategy is essential for businesses that want to connect to customers, clients and employees in a more human way.  Delivering and managing your online reputation is a key part of the process for our team.

Our approach is specifically tailored to meet the needs of particular products, services and brands.  We can track, measure and optimize the “buzz” that is being generated as part of an effort to respond and engage audiences using digital media.

Marx Layne’s digital marketing and communication practice can assist your company with:

  • Social Media Campaigns – Identify and establish a presence on social networks that builds customer relationships and drives visibility for brands
  • Social Conversation Monitoring – Create and monitor the social network conversation with advanced analytics software
  • Website Optimization – Design websites with optimization for search engines ensures that your first impression online can be from a high-ranking website
  • Content Generation – Integrate widgets, gadgets and apps into website and social networking properties adds uniqueness and feel while reducing bounce rates.  Script and film videos for distribution online
  • Internet Advocacy – Developing messages and media training so that you can drive the online dialogue with positive messages and create grassroots communities online
  • Online Reputation Management – Monitor the Internet reputation of your brand or business, with the goal of mitigating negative mentions, or pushing them lower on search engine results pages to decrease visibility
  • Content Marketing – Create or share content for the purpose of engaging current and potential consumer audiences, while working to deliver high-quality, relevant and valuable information to key stakeholders to help persuade decision-making