Building Websites & Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Your website is your storefront. It should make a great first impression.

It’s the 21st century and if your business doesn’t have a digital media strategy, that’s bad news. Luckily, Marx Layne can help. We understand the importance of digital media to reading today’s consumers, and we know how to harness the power of digital media to increase your brand awareness and boost your bottom line.

At Marx Layne, a digital marketing agency in Detroit, we understand that a successful digital media strategy requires a strategic direction. You need clear goals in order to attract new customers and keep the old ones. Setting clear goals is the first step toward achieving them.

If there’s one thing that differentiates digital influence from that produced by traditional marketing strategies, it’s its measurability. Digital influence is completely measurable — but what do you do with those measurements once you have them? How can you interpret your user data? What do those analytics mean?

Sure, it’s easy to say that X number of people visited your site or that Y number shared your company’s post on Facebook, but how does that translate in terms of building real connections with customers? We have the expertise not only to translate raw numbers into information you can use, but to guide you in collecting the most useful information to begin with.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your digital strategy at the top of its game is to make sure that you’re making the most of your efforts, putting your energy where it counts, spending your marketing budget wisely, and not duplicating parts of the process. That’s why expert advice is indispensable. It’s worth it to spend the money on digital marketing strategists.

If you don’t have expert digital marketers on your side or don’t have a digital marketing strategy at all,  it’s time to call an expert digital agency — Marx Layne. We can help you create the online presence you need to draw in new customers and strengthen your relationships with existing ones. Contact us today.

Our areas of digital and social media expertise include:

  • Graphic design: We help our clients design and create visually appealing, content-rich digital communication platforms.
  • Content generation and marketing: We produce and co-produce quality content and relevant, sharable social messaging, for the purpose of engaging and persuading current and potential consumer audiences and key stakeholders.
  • Email marketing campaigns: We assist and counsel on integrating email marketing, design and copy in an overall communications strategy.
  • Video content: We have invested in in-house video production to help clients make the most of visual tools in digital media.
  • Analytics: We dig deep into data to help our clients gain a better understanding of the behavior of their constituents.
  • AdWords and pay-per-click campaigns: We strategize based on our clients’ goals to help them reach the largest possible audience.
  • Search engine optimization: We understand the ranking factors that increase website performance in organic search, to counsel clients on how keywords and content work together to gain maximum visibility.
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