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When the stormy winds of litigation, a product recall, or a labor issue strike, will your organization have enough equity in the reputation “bank” to withstand? Will there be a public redress of your corporate image in situations such as Ford/Firestone or the Exxon Valdez? What will withstand these winds? “Trustworthiness” in the marketplace of reputations is the only answer.

Reputation management is not a response, but a strategy; an ongoing, perpetual initiative. A living organism within the organization. In the purest sense of the concept, it is management’s responsibility to foster reputation. However, it quickly and ultimately becomes the entire stakeholders’ responsibility-management and employees alike.

At its core, reputation management is trustworthiness. As a process, trustworthiness is central to all forms of human interaction and by default the organization. It is that human interaction, those interpersonal relationships that are on displayed in a company’s DNA that builds reputation. But how does “it” get there? Reputation Management begins from the inside out. It must be infused into the organization.

Marx Layne & Company has established the necessary tools in its Reputation Management practice to set the foundation for companies to experience and benefit from reputation management building. Marx Layne’s approach is to facilitate and manage agreement within an organization on four key principles:

  1. What is Reputation?
  2. What does Reputation mean to our organization?
  3. What do we want it to be?
  4. How do we get there?

Marx Layne & Company provides a range of services included, but not limited to:

Corporate Reputation and Organizational Analysis

  • Creating the Corporate Future – Vision
  • Building Trusting Teams
  • Changing Management
  • Changing Corporate Culture
  • Knowing Yourself

Corporate Branding

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