What was once called the “24/7/365 news cycle” is evolving into the “1440/24/7/365 news cycle.”  There are 1440 minutes in every day and news is breaking every minute.  An incident at your business can appear for worldwide scrutiny even before it hits the local and national media.  Being able to confidently and skillfully monitor and respond to traditional and online media has become increasingly important to our clients.

From the BP oil spill, to Apple’s “Antennagate,” to Toyota’s safety problems and recalls, 2010 was a year the Wall Street Journal declared “Public Relations Learned the Hard Way.”

Always in the mix, Marx Layne & Co. has provided specifically tailored media training to the largest health care provider in southeast Michigan, to the City of Detroit Mayor’s Office and department heads, and to numerous school systems.

Our agency has designed a comprehensive training program that demonstrates the most successful ways to work with the media during a crisis.

Members of the Marx Layne team have formerly held positions in the news media.  Based on their years of experience, they paired with a cameraman to work with clients on how to:

  • Think like a reporter
  • Anticipate the story angle a reporter is pursuing
  • Craft messages to answer almost any question
  • Interact with the various media types
  • Be proactive during and after a crisis
  • Understand the importance of online and social media during a crisis

Marx Layne senior vice president Alan Upchurch leads our media training team.  Alan spent 22 years as a producer and news director at WXYZ-TV.  Our team also includes former print and broadcast journalists who understand how the media works.  You can find out more about our team here.