By MATT SCHULER, Digital Architect, Marx Layne

Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently talked at the 2011 Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting.  Mashable highlighted it here: “Mobile Growing Faster Than ‘All Our Predictions’

You can watch the full video of Schmidt’s keynote speech embedded below. He makes a lot of great points about how mobile search is the future.

Some of the key statistics that Schmidt points out for mobile mentions come from YouTube, which sees 200 million mobile views per day.  Schmidt points out more mobile growth statistics related to the Super Bowl.

Remember that fantastic Chrysler commercial that aired during the big game? Well, mobile searches for Chrysler saw a 102x increase—while there was only a 48x increase on desktop searches according to Schmidt.  To me, that makes sense because more people were watching the game with a mobile device in hand versus sitting at a desktop computer.

Schmidt also cited other mobile search statistics, saying 78 percent of smartphone owners use their phones in stores.  In the video, Schmidt says “this is the future and everybody will adapt because are fundamentally better off with a better and smarter and more empowered, if you will, customer.”