Instagram launched to the public in October of 2010. After nearly a decade, the application has gone through vast evolutions while attaining far-reaching popularity.

Today, Instagram has over 600 million users that access the application daily and more than 95 million posts shared each day, making it the most powerful social platform for any business. Many believe social media users are passive operators, meaning they rarely seek solutions to their problems through social media. However, 60% of Instagram users harness the platform to seek and discover new brands, products and services. Instagram users not at all passive, they’re active – making Instagram a crucial medium to have a compelling presence.

So how can your restaurant or hotel capitalize on the popularity and the commercially motivated mindset of Instagram?

In a single tactic: visual storytelling.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they view it in a video compared to 10% when they read it in text according to Insivia. If your business invests time and money into promoting on Instagram, relying solely on static image ads and posts will let you down. Video content allows consumers to have a more complete idea of what your restaurant, hotel or brand is like and what it’s like to eat or stay there. Incorporating video in your social strategy will substantially improve the likelihood of your ads and posts making a lasting impression on your potential consumers.

Which do you find more compelling?

Here are some key tips to help your business increase ROI when using video on social media.

  1. The First 3 Seconds Count

Social media users quickly sift through their feeds, and businesses must make video content that encourages users to stop scrolling. The first second of your video should have enough movement that even with the sound off, viewers know immediately it’s a video. If the first few seconds are static or subtle, you won’t grab attention and users will scroll right by.

  1. Wait Until Users are Connected to WiFi

When advertising with video on Facebook or Instagram, select the option to show ads only to customers connected to WiFi. This will help you avoid subpar viewing experiences where videos are slow to load.

  1. Optimize Your Landing Pages for Mobile

Social media platforms are accessed overwhelmingly from mobile devices. If the call to action on a video ad leads to a landing page, the landing page absolutely needs to be optimized for mobile.

  1. How to Add a Call to Action in Stories

Adding a Call to Action (CTA) in your Facebook and Instagram stories helps generate traffic and educate your audience about your business. In order to add a CTA, you need to generate a URL to the page you want users to navigate to, put it in your story post and write out the action (i.e. swipe up, double tap or click here).

Note: Adding a large URL is tricky. Use Bitly to shorten your URL.

Restaurants and hotels continue to rely on public relations and marketing firms to guide their visual storytelling – to learn more about how Marx Layne can enhance your business’ digital presence, click here.

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