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Promoting and marketing your business is key to having a return on investment. Whether you’re a financial service company or you’re branching out into finances, it is a tough market to break into. Having a public relations company on your side can help you market your business, spread your message, or help promote and sell your products or services.

Our financial services public relations in Detroit can help you brainstorm high-impact strategies to help you market your business easily and efficiently to those who are looking for your specific services. We can also help you measure your impact on a local, state, and nationwide scale.

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The key to gaining revenue and making the most of what your business can offer is through accurate and professional marketing services. Our public relations team can help you create a positive and brand-focused strategy to promote your business. From marketing campaigns locally to state or global commercials and press surrounding your services or products, Marx Layne and Company will work with you to plan ahead for what your company’s future holds. Depending on the angle and the desire of your company, our financial services public relations in Detroit can also incorporate a variety of marketing styles. Whether you offer products or services, we can our writers and marketers can help promote news and updates about your company in an efficient and structured way. We ensure you’re always in the media with a positive front.

If you’re looking for alternate ways to market your business outside of traditional media and public relations, we also specialize in social media services. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, we can craft messages specific to your audience and following common and best practice for digital marketing. This means reaching a wider audience more quickly. Our team can also invest in financial services public relations in Detroit to begin email campaigns to target your chosen demographic easily.

Work with Marx Layne and Company for affordable and fast public relations for your business or company. From crafted messages to managing of you reputation and marketing, our team can push your financial services company to the next level. So contact us today!

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