By MATT SCHULER, Digital Architect, Marx Layne

Google is mixing in more social elements to its search results, it announced this morning.

In a post by Mike Cassidy, Product Management Director, and Matthew Kulick, Product Manager, Google announced it’s “doing a little bit more to bring you all the goodness of Google, plus the opinions of the people you care about.”

This is an important step for Google, because the world is becoming more social as people look for information from their friends. It’s easier than ever to turn to a social network to get the best information.  Google is now integrating that in its search results.

As you can see Google’s picture, there are notations where someone you know shared something.  Google says it’s “enabling you to get even more information from the people that matter to you, whether they’re publishing on YouTube, Flickr or their own blog or website.”  It’s important to note, as Search Engine Land has, while there’s a lot of social integration as of now, your Facebook friends’ likes will be excluded.

As Google continues to refine its search results, it’s making it a more personal experience.  While optimizing results is still possible, people will be getting different results based on their personal input and preferences.

Google posted a video explaining the social search update. You can watch it embedded below.