As social media continues to grow in importance, and two-way conversation and dialogue strategies advance, the role of our public relations agency continues to expand.

There has been a lot of debate and conversation as to who is most capable to lead a social media strategy.  At Marx Layne, we believe that public relations agencies are the managers of a brand’s key messages and know how to best respond to sensitive dialogue online.

Marx Layne is actively managing social media campaigns for numerous clients, including a chain of 35 luxury retailers in the Caribbean, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company based in Cincinnati, and a leading transportation company serving the state of Florida.

Our ongoing social media work for clients includes: writing and posting compelling content, actively engaging in two-way dialogue, creating and leveraging video and photos, optimizing website back-ends for keyword-rich search engine optimization (SEO), and the drafting, self-publishing and distribution of articles with keywords to generate maximum exposure. We’ve managed, designed, created, written and disseminated emails to targeted lists of thousands.

We capture and grow social media audiences by beginning an ongoing dialogue with our clients’ stakeholders.  Based on the dialogues we conduct, we can use analytics to better gauge consumer response and thus create new and more cost-effective marketing strategies.

The social media tools that are appropriate for a prestigious business-to-business law firm are totally different than the tools used to establish loyalty for a consumer brand.  At Marx Layne, we understand that social media campaigns should be specialized.  We work with companies to develop a plan that’s appropriate for each specific client.